In 2014, the Masters Tournament, The R&A and the USGA announced the formation of the Latin America Amateur Championship (LAAC) in an effort to further develop amateur golf throughout this region, and specifically in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The LAAC follows a model established by the Masters and The R&A when, in 2009, the organizations created the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship (AAC) for the purpose of advancing the sport in that part of the world and creating heroes that other aspiring golfers would emulate.

Championship Results

Year Champion Runner(s)-Up Venue
2022 Aaron Jarvis (Cayman Islands) Mateo Fernandez de Oliverira (Argentina)
Vicente Marzillio (Argentina)
Fred Biondi (Brazil)
Santiago De la Fuente (Mexico)
Teeth of the Dog, Casa de Campo (Dominican Republic)
2020 Abel Gallegos (Argentina) Aaron Terrazas (Mexico) El Camaleon Golf Club, Mayakoba (Mexico)
2019 Alvaro Ortiz (Mexico) Luis Gagne (Costa Rica) Teeth of the Dog, Casa De Campo (Dominican Republic)
2018 Joaquin Niemann (Chile) Alvaro Ortiz (Mexico) Prince of Wales Country Club (Santiago, Chile)
2017 Toto Gana (Chile) Joaquin Niemann (Chile)
Alvaro Ortiz (Mexico)
Club de Golf de Panama (Panama)
2016 Paul Chaplet (Costa Rica) Jorge Garcia (Venezuela) Teeth of the Dog, Casa De Campo (Dominican Republic)
2015 Matias Dominguez (Chile) Alejandro Tosti (Argentina) Pilar Golf (Buenos Aires, Argentina)